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Chahbahar Refining Industry – Pioneering Excellence in Oil Reception and Trading

At Chahbahar Refining Industry, we are dedicated to strengthening the backbone of the global energy sector through our state-of-the-art reception facilities and dynamic oil trading operations. Located strategically in Chahbahar, we leverage our geographical advantage to serve as a pivotal player in the oil industry.


About chabahar

Chabahar the Golden Gate

The port of Chabahar is located on the Makran coast of Sistan and Baluchistan Province, next to the Gulf of Oman and at the mouth of Strait of Hormuz. It is the only Iranian port with direct access to the Indian Ocean. Chabahar port, regarding its position, benefits from Geo-political, Geo-economical and Geostrategic potentials. It is located, both in South-North and East.West transit corridors and can play as a transport gateway, as well as a central commercial nod between CIS countries, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Russia and Europe.

The port

Chabahar port introduction

Located in south eastern of Iran in Oman sea

The only oceanic port in the area

Intrance gate to the International North-South Corridor and easterm development route ot the country.

More than 300 km marine border

Minimum transit distances to Afghanistan, Pakistan & middle asia & most economical port in commercial trade for these countries.

Important role in international North-South transit Corridor ( INSTC )

CRI offers a comprehensive range of

services for organizations in the

MEMAC region.

As a leading maritime waste management company, we are dedicated to providing top-tier and sustainable services in marine waste management. At the forefront of our industry, we actively anticipate and evaluate new legislation, develop cutting-edge environmental technologies, and meticulously assess the practical requirements of our sites. This proactive approach ensures the delivery of successful and sustainable waste management solutions tailored to the unique needs of ports and shipping.

In addition to our waste management expertise, we are also a prominent player in the oil trading sector. Our dual focus allows us to leverage our comprehensive understanding of maritime operations to facilitate effective and efficient oil trading practices. We offer a seamless integration of waste management and oil trading services, ensuring that all aspects of maritime and environmental regulation are expertly handled.

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability in both waste management and oil trading makes us a trusted partner for ports and shipping companies worldwide. We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of our clients, providing solutions that are not only compliant but also ahead of market trends and environmental standards.

Choose us for a partnership that values reliability, sustainability, and tailored solutions in maritime waste management and oil trading.

chabahar port reception


24/7 to provide MARPOL services

With many years of expertise in maritime waste management CRI has established a flexible, responsive range of services, adapted into one seamless operation by our experienced staff. We can accommodate tight deadlines and work around limited access, functioning 24 hours a day to provide dependable, efficient waste collection solutions.

Maritime waste management

Efficient maritime waste management demands high levels of expertise, not only in the handling of hazardous wastes but also in working to strict deadlines, often with limited access. CRI has expertise for excellence in maritime waste management based on experience of the industry and its unique challenges. We provide safe, professional collection, storage and disposal services.




Reception and treatment in Chabahar

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